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Updated: Jul 10, 2024

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July 8, 2024, 17:07

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July 7, 2024, 17:08


📉 July Slump for Bitcoin: A Cautionary Tale for the Future?

📊 Historically, bitcoin has been a July winner, with positive returns in 63.64% of cases. Notable gains of 9.6% (2013) and 8.2% (2015) set the stage for even better performances, peaking at 24.03% in 2020.

⏬ However, this July is different, with a 7.77% decline so far. Looking ahead, August's odds aren't as favorable, historically speaking, at just 36.36%.

🔮 September doesn't inspire much confidence either, with gains only 27.27% of the time. But there's a glimmer of hope on the horizon: October has been a solid month for bitcoin, boasting positive returns in a whopping 81.82% of cases.

🗳 With October 2024 coinciding with the U.S. election, some experts see it as a potential catalyst for BTC prices. However, it's important to remember that history doesn't always repeat itself.

🤔 So while caution may be warranted given the current July slump and traditionally weaker August and September performances, it's wise to approach future opportunities with an open mind – as they may not align with past patterns.



July 11, 2024, 15:25


🔍 Startup Pitch Deck Analysis: Plantee Innovations’ $1.4M Seed Round

Today, we're diving into Plantee Innovations' pitch deck that secured $1.4 million in seed funding. This deck offers valuable insights for founders crafting their own pitches.

💫 Strengths:

✔️ Strong introduction: The first two slides effectively communicate the what, why, and how of the company. They use concise language and relevant keywords to immediately grab investors’ attention.

✔️ Clear product solution: The deck presents a compelling tech solution for plant care, leveraging IoT and AI to solve common plant-parenting challenges.

✔️ Comprehensive competitive landscape: A detailed overview of competitors, segmented by ease of use and specialization, demonstrates market awareness.

💫 Areas for improvement:

🔆 Market validation concerns: The deck highlights a Kickstarter campaign as proof of market validation but fails to mention that the campaign was canceled. Transparency about such issues is crucial.

🔆 Product-market fit questions: The deck doesn’t adequately address whether there’s a large enough market of plant enthusiasts willing to spend $1,400 on an automatic plant pot.

🔆 Overemphasis on emotional appeal: Some language in the deck seems overly dramatic, potentially detracting from the business case.

❗️ Tips for founders:

— Be transparent: If there are potential red flags in your company’s history, address them head-on. Explain challenges and how you’ve learned from them.

— Balance emotion and business: While storytelling is important, ensure your emotional appeals don’t overshadow the business fundamentals.

— Validate your market: Provide clear, unambiguous evidence of market demand. If using pre-orders or crowdfunding as validation, be prepared to explain the full story.

— Know your competition: A thorough competitive analysis, like Plantee’s, can set you apart. But also be ready to explain your unique value proposition.

— Tailor your pitch: The opening slides should quickly communicate your sector and funding needs, allowing investors to determine if you fit their thesis.

A great pitch deck balances compelling storytelling with solid business fundamentals. It should not only excite investors about your vision but also convince them of your ability to execute and deliver returns.

💬 Download Pitch Deck


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July 10, 2024, 17:33


💡 The 24-Month Startup Mindset: Winning Regardless of Outcome

➡️ As a startup founder and advisor, I’ve recently embraced a perspective that’s both counterintuitive and incredibly liberating. It’s the idea of the “24-month startup”—a concept that turns the traditional view of startup success on its head.

➡️ The core of this approach is to start with the end in mind, planning to “close” your startup in 24 months. But here’s the twist: Your primary goal isn’t necessarily to build a unicorn, but to gain new skills and experiences. This mindset shift can be transformative because it removes the pressure of “succeed or die” and encourages bold moves with less fear of failure.

➡️ By aligning your personal development goals with what startups typically need to accomplish, you create a win-win situation. You’re focusing on skill acquisition that directly benefits your venture, while also preparing yourself for future opportunities. This approach accelerates learning, as the 24-month timeframe creates urgency to acquire skills quickly.

➡️ What’s particularly liberating about this mindset is how it reframes “failure.” If your startup doesn’t take off, you’ve still achieved your primary goal of skill development. Each “failed” startup becomes a stepping stone to the next, more ambitious project. You’re building resilience and a diverse skill set that will serve you well in your entrepreneurial journey.

➡️ Of course, this doesn’t mean creating a disposable startup. You should still give it your all and aim for success. The beauty is that if your startup does succeed, you’re well-equipped to scale it, having developed the necessary skills along the way.

➡️ For aspiring entrepreneurs looking to apply this mindset, start by identifying the key skills you want to develop over the next 24 months. Then choose a startup idea that will force you to develop those skills. Set learning milestones alongside your business goals, and don’t forget to document your journey—it’ll be invaluable for your next venture.

➡️ Remember, the goal is to approach your venture with a mindset that values personal growth as much as financial success. This perspective can help you stay motivated, make bolder decisions, and ultimately, become a more skilled and experienced entrepreneur.

So, what skills do you want to develop in the next 24 months? And what kind of startup would help you achieve that? The beauty of this approach is that whether your startup succeeds or “fails,” you’re always moving forward. You’re always winning. It’s a mindset that puts you in control of your entrepreneurial journey, regardless of the market’s whims. And in the unpredictable world of startups, that’s a powerful position to be in.


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July 10, 2024, 15:40


🔵 Amazon at 30: Lessons in Scaling and Innovation for Startups

➡️ Amazon’s 30-year journey from an online bookstore to a global tech giant offers valuable insights for startup founders. The company’s annual revenue has grown at a remarkable 31.5% CAGR since 1998, reaching $575 billion in 2023. Key milestones in Amazon’s growth include going public in 1997, launching Prime in 2005, introducing AWS in 2006, expanding to 7-day delivery in 2013, and acquiring Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in 2017. Each of these moves represents a strategic expansion or innovation that significantly contributed to Amazon’s growth. The company’s success demonstrates the power of continuous innovation, diversification, and a long-term vision in building a successful business.

❗️ For startup founders, Amazon’s growth story highlights several crucial lessons:

— Diversification is key: Amazon expanded from books to various product categories and services.
— Innovate continuously: From Prime to AWS, Amazon kept introducing new services.
— Focus on customer experience: Initiatives like 7-day delivery show Amazon’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
— Think long-term: Amazon’s steady growth over decades proves the value of patience and perseverance.
— Be open to strategic acquisitions: The Whole Foods purchase shows how acquisitions can open new markets.

Remember, while rapid growth is exciting, sustainable long-term success often comes from consistent innovation and adaptation to market needs.


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July 9, 2024, 17:03


💻 Nala’s $40M Series A: Expanding Beyond Remittances in Africa’s Fintech Landscape

🤖 Nala, an African remittance startup, has secured a $40-million Series A funding round led by Acrew Capital, with participation from DST Global, Norrsken22, and others. This significant investment will fuel Nala’s global expansion, including scaling its remittance services to Asian and Latin American markets. The company is also launching a B2B payments platform called Rafiki, which aims to serve global businesses making payments into and out of Africa.

🤖 Nala’s consumer app currently enables money transfers across 11 African markets, with plans to expand to 249 banks and 26 mobile money services. The startup has achieved profitability and is on track to reach 500,000 customers. This funding round highlights the growing opportunities in the remittance sector, with the World Bank predicting strong growth in sub-Saharan Africa and other emerging markets.

Nala’s success story demonstrates the potential for innovative fintech solutions in emerging markets. The company’s expansion from remittances to B2B payments shows how startups can leverage their core strengths to diversify their offerings. The significant investor interest in Nala also underscores the attractiveness of fintech solutions that address cross-border payment challenges in Africa and beyond.

As the remittance market continues to grow, there are ample opportunities for startups to develop cost-effective, reliable digital payment solutions.

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July 8, 2024, 17:34


🔵 The Impact of Startup Names on Funding Success: Short and Sweet Wins

➡️ Recent data reveals a surprising correlation between startup name length and funding success. Startups with shorter names (0–5 letters) show significantly higher conversion rates from seed to Series A funding, at 16%, compared to those with longer names (20+ letters) at only 8%. This trend is even more pronounced for Series B funding, where short-named startups have a 4% conversion rate versus just 1% for those with long names.

➡️ The data suggests that concise, memorable names may play a role in investor perceptions and funding decisions. Interestingly, while about 25% of startups rebrand within their first two years, this figure appears lower than optimal given the potential impact of name length on funding success.

This insight underscores the importance of strategic branding from the outset. Opting for a short, punchy name could potentially increase your chances of securing funding. If your startup already has a longer name, considering a rebrand might be beneficial, especially if you’re approaching funding rounds. Remember, while a name isn’t everything, in the competitive world of startup funding, every advantage counts.

💬 Source #CapitalStats

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June 29, 2024, 13:01


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July 10, 2024, 12:01


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