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Updated: Jul 15, 2024

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July 10, 2024, 18:01


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July 10, 2024, 12:01


$RECORD selling out quickly on Fjord, with amazing partnerships, solid team, and RWA being the strong segment in this Bull run!

Music Protocol is now available on LBP platform Fjord, where buying one token results in a bonus of 0.6 $RECORD.

With RWA narratives being strong and a listing confirmed tomorrow for $RECORD, the chances look very positive, with markets becoming green AGAIN!

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July 9, 2024, 13:01


🔥 Jump Crypto Ignites $1M Bug Bounty Blaze for Solana's Firedancer Validator Client

🚀 Blockchain infrastructure trailblazer Jump Crypto is turning up the heat with a bug bounty program that could see Solana developers pocket up to $1 million. The target? The eagerly anticipated "Firedancer" independent validator client.

🔒 In a recent blog post, Jump Crypto announced that the bug bounty bonanza, powered by Immunefi, will span 42 days, from July 10 to August 21, 2024.

⚡️ Set to supercharge the Solana network, Firedancer will be a key player in transaction processing and block construction within the booming $60 billion ecosystem.

🏎 With its implementation in C and C++, this speed demon is poised to outperform Google's "QUIC" protocol when it comes to handling network surges.

👨‍💻 Leading the charge on Firedancer v0.1 is Cantelope Peel, an enigmatic engineer from Jump Crypto. Peel has been hard at work testing Solana's consensus algorithms and fork choice mechanics, making sure everything runs like clockwork.

📈 Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder and CEO of Solana Labs, has been vocal about Firedancer's potential to turbocharge the network's speed and scalability.

📌 Think you've got what it takes to spot vulnerabilities? To join the hunt for bugs in Firedancer v0.1, aspiring bug hunters must complete the registration process and provide their know-your-client details.

⏰ Promptness is key! Immunefi pledges to investigate and address any discovered bugs within 24 hours on weekdays during the program.


July 8, 2024, 17:02

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July 6, 2024, 15:30


🔒 Bittensor's $8 Million Nightmare: Malicious Package Unveiled as Culprit

🚨 Bittensor, the decentralized AI network, was struck by a major blow on July 2, with a staggering $8 million worth of TAO tokens vanishing into thin air.

🔍 In their postmortem report on July 3, the OpenTensor Foundation (OTF) didn't mince words – they pinpointed a malicious package lurking within the PyPi Package Manager as the sneaky saboteur behind this digital heist.

🟠 The wolf in sheep's clothing came disguised as a legitimate Bittensor library, but its true intentions were far from noble. This devious code had one mission: to snatch unencrypted cold key details and whisk them away to an attacker-controlled server.

⏰ The assault commenced at 7:06 P.M. UTC, with funds swiftly siphoned from compromised wallets. By 7:25 P.M., OTF's alarms were blaring, prompting an emergency response dubbed the "war room."

🔥 Acting fast, validators were barricaded behind a firewall by 7:41 P.M., slamming the brakes on transactions and ushering in "safe mode" for a meticulous analysis of the situation.

✅ If you downloaded PyPi Package Manager version 6.12.2 between May 22 and May 29 and engaged in certain operations like staking or wallet transfers – you might have been caught in this digital dragnet.

🛡 OTF didn't waste time; they purged the malevolent package from PyPi's repository and combed through GitHub for any other lurking threats. So far, so good – but vigilance remains high as they scrutinize every line of code.



July 3, 2024, 16:31


🌍 Cardano Foundation Leads the Way in Sustainable Crypto with MiCA Compliance

📊 In a groundbreaking move, the Cardano Foundation has partnered with the CCRI to release a comprehensive set of sustainability indicators. This exciting development aligns with the EU's MiCA regulations, marking a significant step towards transparency and regulatory compliance in the crypto world.

➡️ Today, on July 2nd, the CCRI unveiled an extensive report on Cardano, meticulously following MiCA's guidelines. The report delves into environmental impact, as demanded by MiCA's Article 6(1) and Article 66(5), shedding light on both token issuers and crypto service providers.

⚡️ Thanks to its collaboration with CCRI, the Cardano Foundation has been able to ensure rigorous blockchain monitoring and data collection. The report highlights Cardano's commitment to sustainability through its adoption of an energy-efficient consensus protocol.

💡 Unlike energy-hungry Bitcoin, Cardano operates with a significantly lower electricity consumption. As of May 2024, the network's annualized electricity usage stands at an impressive 704.91 MWh, showcasing its dedication to being eco-friendly.

🌱 The CCRI report goes beyond just electricity consumption, also examining the carbon footprint of Cardano and marginal power demand per transaction per second. These metrics align with ESMA's draft regulatory technical standards under MiCA, ensuring compliance across the board.

🟢 ESMA's second consultation package on MiCA outlines ten essential indicators for climate and environment-related impacts. By adhering to these standards, CCRI guarantees not only transparency but also a forward-thinking approach to meet regulatory requirements.


July 3, 2024, 13:01

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💎 Playing and claiming rewards from the P2E game Bears Rumble ICO

⚡️ Bears Rumble ICO is an exciting P2E game in which we will have to play as a bear and with the help of alien technology to overcome the game obstacles by completing quests. The project has CERTIK certification.

Later game assets will turn into NFTs, which we will be able to exchange and sell, with 20% of our tokens to drop our players.

⭐️ The project has not been released yet, the presale is planned in 3.5 months, so now you can join us on our social networks to become early users and participate in our activities.

Subscribe to Telegram, Discord and keep an eye on our Official website.



June 29, 2024, 15:31


🚀 Adsgram Launches: A New Era for Telegram Mini-Apps Monetization!

💰 Developers Rejoice: The TON Foundation's latest brainchild, Adsgram, is here to revolutionize revenue generation for Telegram mini-apps. Say goodbye to monetization woes!

📈 A Niche Focus: Unlike its predecessor, this platform is all about the little guys. Developers can now integrate ads seamlessly into their creations and earn Toncoin (TON) in the process.

🌐 Impressions Galore: With a staggering 8 million daily impressions and counting, Adsgram is already making waves. It's not just about numbers; it's about reaching users from Nigeria to Germany.

💼 Ad Variety & Insights: From snappy video ads to eye-catching banners, Adsgram offers a smorgasbord of formats. Plus, developers get access to vital performance data for fine-tuning their strategies.

💡 Game-Changing Potential: Vadim Sterlin, co-founder of Adsgram and Fantongamebot extraordinaire, knows the struggle firsthand. He believes this platform is a game-changer for Telegram's GameFi scene.

🔒 Security Concerns Addressed: Amid growing concerns about security in the TON ecosystem, Adsgram's launch brings a breath of fresh air. It's not just about profits; it's about protecting developers too.